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  • A water based Rust converter and Primer coating applied directly to the rust. No scraping or sandblasted needed!
  • Must be applied while the item your painting is wet.
  • Accepts wide ranges of top coating- oil base, water base, enamels, urethane's etc
  • Bonds with rust! *ALSO* Cures as hard as cement!
  • Easy clean up, just wash your brush and tools just with water!
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A water-based Rust Converter and Primer Coating applied directly to the rust PaintonRust 1pt, rust converter and primer coating

Converts rust to phosphates instantly, no scraping, no sandblasting, water based product, Can be applied to a damp surface. Does not trap moisture. Expands and contracts with metal; in labs tests, withstood 300F for 90 days without cracking or peeling. Contains no oily solvents or resins, can be diluted with water, covers 10 to 28 sq per pint, 530 to 100 sq ft per gal. Accepts a wide range of top coatings.....oil base, water base, enamels, urethanes, etc.

List Price: $20.00
Our Price : $20.00